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msg5169 (view) Author: mika Date: 2015-07-02.21:23:20
JFTR: This feature was implemented in live-boot recently AFAICS:

We don't use the network handling from live-boot as-is though since we prefer
the ip=... argument handling as documented in

So this needs further investigation how to handle this on our site.
msg4950 (view) Author: mika Date: 2015-05-08.08:19:02

This makes sense and sounds like a useful feature to me, thanks for suggestion.

FTR, if someones wants to work on this:
is where it should go into (which is based on and once that feature is available there
it would also be part of further Debian derivatives too).

msg4949 (view) Author: tfheen Date: 2015-05-04.08:04:35

first, big thanks for grml. It's super useful.

It would be useful if one could select what eth device to configure
based on mac address, rather than device name.

A use case for this is a DHCP server that hands out a dynamic grml
configuration.  It'll then know what MAC address the client should use,
but have no information about what device this corresponds to.

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